UniDoc Expands AI eHealth Services to Alaska
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VANCOUVER, BC, April 16, 2024 ~ UniDoc Health Corp. has made a significant advancement in the eHealth sector with the deployment of their first Health Cube to Ketchikan, Alaska. This initiative, in collaboration with Planet Defense, LLC, aims to enhance healthcare accessibility for remote and underserved areas.

The Health Cube is a self-contained virtual clinic within a private kiosk that offers patients a wide range of medical services such as primary care, specialized consultations, chronic disease management, and preventative care. Equipped with remote connected medical technology, the cube will provide real-time in-person and eHealth consultations, as well as effective diagnostics, treatments, and monitoring options.

This pilot project will evaluate the operational and societal benefits of the Health Cube in delivering healthcare solutions to isolated communities. UniDoc's CEO Antonio Baldassarre expressed his excitement about this collaboration with Planet Defense, stating that it underscores their commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery.

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The partnership between UniDoc and Planet Defense aims to extend AI eHealth services not only across Alaska but also beyond. By bringing advanced healthcare services directly into underserved communities, they hope to address the challenges of geographical distance, transportation limitations, and lack of healthcare infrastructure in remote areas.

Dr. Indu Singh, President and CEO of Planet Defense LLC, believes that this collaborative effort will lead to accessible, equitable, and inclusive healthcare for all regardless of location or socioeconomic status. She stated that by bridging the gaps between patients from rural and underserved populations and their healthcare providers, this initiative will have a positive impact on communities in need by improving patient outcomes and enhancing overall well-being.

Each deployed clinic will be staffed with a registered nurse (RN) and a qualified technology specialist to ensure quality care for patients. The UniDoc team is dedicated to unlocking shareholder value by delivering an excellent product and sophisticated commercial network within an expedited timeframe.

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UniDoc's mission is to make quality healthcare accessible for all through physical accessibility. They believe that eHealth opens the doors to a large segment of the population challenged by access, experience, or understanding of online computer technology. The company encourages engagement, questions, and interest from the public and invites anyone interested in their story to visit their website at www.unidoctor.com and sign up for updates on their activities, events, and progress.

With this strategic move in partnership with Planet Defense, UniDoc is taking a step towards fulfilling their mission and making a positive impact on communities in need. The deployment of the Health Cube to Ketchikan, Alaska marks a significant milestone for UniDoc and sets the stage for future expansion of their services to other remote and underserved areas.
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