Tobu Railway Launches Autumn 2022 "Nikko Foliage Midnight Train" between Asakusa, Tokyo and Nikko
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Chuzenji Temple overlooking Lake Chuzenji in Fall Lake Yunoko in Autumn Foliage Splendor Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel Onsen amid Fall Foliage Onsenji Temple in Fall Shakyo at Onsenji Temple
Maximizes Foliage Viewing and Wellness Experiences in Nikko's Deep Nature.

TOKYO, Japan - AkGlobe -- Tobu Railway announces that they will operate a special middle-of-the-night train service, "Nikko Foliage Midnight Train," connecting Tobu Asakusa Station in Tokyo to Tobu Nikko Station in Tochigi Prefecture. The train departs from Asakusa at 11:45 pm. The entire journey, on the Limited Express Revaty train, takes 2.5 hours and arrives at Nikko Station at 2:16 am. However, there is no need to get off the train so early. Travelers can rest up in the comfortable reclining chairs until 4:10 am. At this time, belongings must be gathered, as a connecting bus departs from Tobu Nikko Station at 4:30 a.m. (except October 9, when disembarkation takes place at 3.30 am) to "Oku-Nikko" or the Deep Natural Nikko area. In Oku-Nikko, travelers can explore: Lake Chuzenji, Ryuzu-no-Taki Waterfall, Senjogahara Marshland, Yumoto Onsen, and more. Because of the hour, travelers will have the opportunity to view the sunrise over Lake Chuzenji! The special train service will be offered six days in October, according to the following departure schedule from Asakusa Station: October 8 (Sat), 15 (Sat), 21 (Fri), 22 (Sat), 28 (Fri), and 29 (Sat). Tickets go on sale at Tobu Top Tours' website with a maximum capacity of 225 passengers per train. (Sales close when maximum capacity is reached.) A one-way overnight ticket departing from Asakusa station is ¥6,400 (¥4,200 child); a round-trip ticket is ¥8,600 (¥5,400 child). The return trip back to Tokyo is not an overnight train. These tickets also come with additional perks, including a bus pass between Tobu Nikko and Yumoto Onsen and discounts for nearby attractions.

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Oku-Nikko: A Place for Immersive Relaxation of Body and Mind – A Perfect Place for a Wellness Trip
The mountains with their brilliant autumn leaves, the pristine lake reflecting the sky and forests, the therapeutic hot springs, and the Zen meditation at spiritual temples and shrines, Oku-Nikko is the perfect place for a wellness trip.

Onsen (Hot Springs)
There are several hot springs in Oku-Nikko, Yumoto Onsen, located behind the Senjogahara Marshland and fed by Lake Yunoko, is a popular hot spring resort surrounded by abundant nature. It's a quiet village, founded about 1,200 year ago on the northern shore of Lake Yunoko. Often called the backwater of Nikko, it is famous for its cloudy sulfur spring water a believed treatment for neuralgia and rheumatism. It is said to have been discovered by Shodo Shonin, the founder of Nikko, about 1,200 years ago. There are footbaths available free of charge in the resort area, where visitors can casually reap the benefits of the hot spring water.

Yudaki is located on the opposite side of Lake Yunoko from Yumoto Onsen, where the Senjogahara Marshland begins. Senjogahara was a former lake that over time was transformed into a marshland, covering an area of about 1.5 square miles. This estuary is home to as many as 350 native plant species and is famous for its numerous species of wild birds. It is registered under the Ramsar Convention as a "wetland of international importance, especially as a habitat for waterfowl." There is a nature trail that encircles the area, and a hiking course that can be completed in about 2.5 hours. Hikers can experience varied and spectacular nature in the area.

Shakyo (Sutra copying)

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Shakyo is the act of writing Buddhist sutras with ink and brush. It is popular not only among Japanese but also foreign tourists as a Japanese cultural experience. Shakyo, which involves carefully copying Buddhist sutras one character at a time, can only be accomplished with a high level of concentration. One of the most notable benefits of sutra copying is "mental stability." It has been found that beta endorphin, with analgesic properties, promoting a "sense of well-being," is secreted when performing sutra writing and chanting. Nikko-zan Onsen-ji Temple and Chuzenji Temple offer Shakyo experiences. In addition, visitors to Nikko-zan Onsen-ji Temple can also take a relaxing bath at the temple. This is extremely rare in Japan!

About Tobu Railway

TOBU Railway Co., Ltd. is a major Japanese corporation consisting of approximately 80 companies. The Tobu Railway covers the longest operating distance in Metropolitan Tokyo, leading to numerous tourist attractions including: Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN in Tokyo; Nikko and Kinugawa-Onsen, famous for its world heritage sites and hot springs; the Tatebayashi and Ashikaga areas, known for their blooming flower fields; and Kawagoe and Tochigi City, where the atmosphere of the old Edo era lives on. Tobu is also invested in a portfolio of hotels, including the newly opened The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko and FUFU Nikko Onsen Resort.

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