Seafood Tech Companies Trace Quality Using Blockchain
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Seafood tech companies take a leap forward in freshness monitoring using sensors and blockchain. This is the future of seafood traceability, where all the information about the catch, including quality, is captured on blockchain technology.

JUNEAU, Alaska - AkGlobe -- Sustainable seafood company Envisible is teaming up with Certified Quality Foods, Inc. (dba Seafood Analytics) to capture product quality data on Envisible's blockchain-enabled Wholechain traceability system. The initiative is starting with sockeye salmon coming from Northline Seafoods in Bristol Bay, Alaska, demonstrating an innovative commitment to transparency in seafood supply chains.

Northline is capturing product quality metrics at the point of harvest using Seafood Analytics' handheld Certified Quality Reader (CQR), which measures the salmon's electrical properties.  Electrical properties are measured at the cellular level and are related to degradation, heat abuse and quality. The resulting quality data is then seamlessly uploaded into Wholechain, which logs this and other supply chain data on Mastercard's provenance blockchain from the source all the way to grocers nationwide under a private label brand available at over 12 regional stores.

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While the entire line of Envisible's Frozen Seafood launched in 2019 is fully traceable and sustainably sourced, Northline's sockeye salmon is the first of its kind to take traceability a step further with transparent quality readings. In fact all three companies - Seafood Analytics, Envisible and Northline Seafoods - have been recognized for their leadership in sustainable seafood at the Fish 2.0 Global Innovation Forum held at Stanford University.

About Northline Seafoods. Northine Seafoods, which is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, has been lauded for innovations such as ultra-low freeze technology used on its floating processor directly on fishing grounds, and began utilizing the CQR method in 2019. Seafood Analytics feeds the objective quality measures into a customized data dashboard for its customers, enabling food companies to take actionable steps to improve their products and processes. The method has been implemented beyond seafood in poultry cultivation, and in many cases allows companies to bypass expensive and inefficient lab testing.

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About Envisible. Envisible brings this technology and story to market with its robust distribution channels and focused mission of bringing traceability and transparency to traditionally opaque food systems. In addition to the Quality Index, Envisible has also committed to capturing Key Data Elements outlined by the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability, an industry-wide standard launched in 2020 to eliminate environmental and labor abuse in seafood supply chains. Not only does the technology ensure responsible sourcing, but Wholechain's storytelling feature means a QR-code at the point of sale educates consumers about the sustainability and quality initiatives behind their seafood.

About Seafood Analytics. Seafood Analytics provides state of the art technology to measure and monitor seafood quality. Seafood Analytics is based in Dallas Texas. For more information -

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