Juneau: Watch your mailbox for 2024 property tax bills
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~ Juneau, Alaska - The City and Borough of Juneau has recently sent out the annual property tax bills for the year 2024. Property owners can expect to receive their bills in the mail soon, but if they do not receive it within the next few days, they are advised to contact CBJ Accounts Receivable at (907) 586-5215 ext. 4907. It is important for property owners to include their parcel number or physical property address in any communication with the staff for a quick resolution.

The payment deadline for property tax bills is September 30, 2024. To ensure timely payment, property owners have various options available to them. Payments can be made in person at City Hall, through mail with a postmark date before September 30, or by using CBJ drop boxes located at Superbear IGA, Foodland IGA, and City Hall. These drop boxes are emptied every morning and payments are assumed to have been dropped off the previous day.

Another option for payment is through customer-initiated bill payment via banking institutions. The effective date for these payments will be determined by the USPS postmark or the date received by CBJ if there is no postmark.

However, starting from 2023, CBJ will no longer offer direct debit auto pay for property tax bills. Payments through ACH must now be made through InvoiceCloud and initiated by the customer.

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Property owners who choose to make payments through mail are advised that not all types of postage used by USPS are postmarked on the same day deposited by taxpayers. In case of a late or missing postmark on a payment received after the delinquent date, penalties will be added to the bill. For more information on what qualifies as a postmark, taxpayers can visit juneau.org/finance/understanding-postmarks.

It is also important to note that online bill payments made through banking institutions may not include a postmark and can take up to two weeks to reach the CBJ office. To avoid any delays or penalties, it is recommended to use InvoiceCloud for online payments.

For property owners who have a mortgage on their home, it is likely that they pay into an escrow account and their mortgage company will make the property tax payment on their behalf. However, if the mortgage has been recently paid off, the property owner is responsible for making the payment this year. CBJ cannot confirm whether or not a mortgage company intends to make a payment and these payments are usually received in the week leading up to the deadline. Property owners are advised to contact their lender for any questions regarding expected payments from escrow.

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It is the responsibility of all property owners to ensure timely payment according to the effective dates mentioned above. They are also responsible for determining the property tax liability for each of their parcels and identifying payments made towards specific parcels. Even if a property owner does not receive their tax bill, they are still liable for taxes, penalties, and interest on their property.

In case of a sale or purchase of a home within the current tax year, it is the mutual responsibility of both parties to determine the prorated property tax liability. CBJ will not prorate the tax bill on behalf of either party.

Manufactured or mobile homes are also subject to CBJ property tax as they are considered real property. In cases where these homes are purchased without traditional bank financing or involvement of a title company, it is the responsibility of the owner to notify CBJ Assessor's Office of any ownership changes. Forms can be found online at juneau.org/finance/assessor-forms. For any queries regarding manufactured homes with unpaid taxes from previous owners, taxpayers can contact CBJ Collections at (907) 586-5215 ext. 4908.

It is important for taxpayers to keep in mind that timely payment of property taxes is their responsibility and any delays or missed payments can result in penalties. CBJ encourages all property owners to use the various payment options available to them and to reach out for assistance if needed.

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