Do Grandparents Make Good Parents?
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Planning For Your Children's Future In The Worst Case Scenario

PHOENIX - AkGlobe -- Kent Phelps, CEO and cofounder of Trajan Estate has released a blog that gives advice you may be surprised to hear. When planning your estate and the future for your loved ones, grandparents might not be the best choice as your children's guardians.

In the years of experience Kent has, he describes a few reasons to rethink having your parents or your partner's parents be your child's caregiver if you should pass away. For one thing, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is a special one, but that doesn't mean that the grandparent is excited to step in as a parent again. No to mention that it takes a lot of energy to raise a child, and they may not have the energy to take that role on again.

Kent also talks through the question of whether or not to tell anyone about your choice for your child's legal guardian. This decision could hurt feelings of those who are not chosen, or when you might have to change your choice at some point. Though it could be difficult, Kent advises telling the person you've chosen to make things easier on everyone involved. It gives them time to absorb the news and mentally prepare, and also gives you a chance to discuss parenting with your choice.

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Regardless of your decision, the most important aspect is the wellbeing of the child. You can read the entire post about Choosing A Legal Guardian on the Trajan Wealth Blog. Planning your future is preparing for all scenarios, including worst case scenarios.

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